Original Music by Eric Robinson

Title Form Key Featured Instruments Duration File Copyright Notes
The Singing Sea Fugue Bb Minor String Septet 5:29 mp3 2010
Unruddered Free F Lydian Solo Acoustic Guitar 5:09 mp3 2010
Fugue in Am Fugue A Minor Two Electric Guitars, Electric Bass, and Vibraphone 3:14 mp3 2010
Hold Where I Am Rock C Lydian Rock Ensemble 2:41 mp3 2010
Worm of the World's End Fugue A Minor Three Electric Guitars 3:26 mp3 2011
Nepenthic Wind Rock F Minor Piano, Bells, and Rock Ensemble 3:32 mp3 2011
Fugue in Fm Fugue F Minor Two Electric Guitars, Vibraphone, and Bass Vibraphone (MalletKat) 4:22 mp3 2011
The Bell on New Year's Day Free Fugue C Major Rock Ensemble, Bells, and Vibraphone 3:42 mp3 2012 Lyrics
Strange Places on Planet Earth Narrative A Major String Orchestra, Rock Ensemble, Bells, Horns, Ondes Martenot 21:45 mp3 video 2012 Written for the webcomic at Kia Yndr's fb page
Triple Fugue for Four Hands Fugue D Minor Piano Duet 7:29 mp3 score 2012
Holiday Prelude Free E Major Solo Acoustic Guitar 0:36 mp3 score 2012 Also arranged for Piano
Secret Mirrors of the Moon Fractal B Minor Piano 3:51 mp3 score 2012 Fractal: i ii-7 V7 i
Sonatina in G# Minor Sonata Form G# Minor Piano 6:33 mp3 score 2013 score transposed to A Minor
Drifting Down E Major Guitar 8:45 mp3 2017
Frozen Dreams Free B Dorian Guitar 4:41 mp3 score 2019
Eric Robinson
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